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installed throughout Chile

+25 projects

of total installed power

+170 MWp

tons of annual reduction

136,000 tons CO2e

under construction

110 MWp

From start to finish

We develop clean and sustainable energy projects, from their inception to their operation.

Since 2013, we have developed projects in Chile and built plants connected to the National Electrical System (SEN). We have a portfolio of projects both in progress and under development for 2023-2025, including solar PMGDs, solar utility, wind and storage projects.


Our team’s experience in the development, construction and operation phases allows us to optimize projects during their lifespan.


We have successfully structured funds with local investors for the construction of our project portfolio.


We have sold projects and operational parks to Colbun, Reden Solar, Carbon Free, Grenergy and Sonnedix.


We have a great team of specialized professionals endeavored to the engineering and construction of our plants.


In addition to building internally developed plants, we have built EPC plants for third parties including Reden Solar, Arroyo Energy, DE Capital and Trina


Our operation and maintenance team combines permanent remote monitoring from our control room, with our technicians’ preventive and corrective maintenance activities in the field, to insure the optimum performance of the plants.




Since 2013, we have developed successful projects,   thus generating more than 60 MW that  are connected to the National Electric System (SEN)._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_We have a portfolio of 110 MW currently in execution, and more than 300 MW in gestation for 2023 and 2024, involving different technologies such as solar plus storage, wind and solar utility.


La diversidad de nuestro equipo en   el desarrollo, construcción y operación de parques,   nos permite optimizar los  projects during their useful life.



We have successfully structured 4 funds with local investors, for a total of USD 60 million, for the construction of its portfolio of projects.

In addition, we develop close commercial relationships with companies such as Colbún, Reden Solar, Carbon Free, Grenergy and Sonnedix, among others, to whom we have sold some of our projects and parks in operation.


Until today we had executed close to USD 100 million of investment, and the execution of an additional USD 100 million is projected for the coming months.



We have a  team of more than 50 professionals specializing in the engineering and construction of our parks.

A  To date we have built more than 40 MW in EPC modality for third parties, such as Reden Solar, Arroyo Energy, DE'Capital, Andacollo Inversiones, among others.



For the optimal performance of our parks, our team at  operation and maintenance.  combines permanent remote monitoring  from our control room , with the preventive and corrective maintenance activities of our field technicians.


We currently operate 12 parks for a total of more than 70 MW.



12 plants

in operation that generate more than 70 MW.



of internally developed PMGDs, 40% EPC for third parties.




currently in the development stage, which shall begin construction in 2023-25.



of internally structured funds and USD 100 MM in capital, implemented in 2022.


USD 100 MM

in capital that shall be implemented in 2023.

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